5 Fun Frenchie Facts

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5 Fun Frenchie Facts

From their origin to being one of the most sought after dogs in the world, there's no doubt Frenchies are incredibly fascinating and popular.  Here are 5 of our favorite facts about this wonderful breed:

1 - We're not in Kansas anymore!

While most people picture “Toto” from The Wizard Of Oz, to be a Cairn Terrier, in literature the dog was sometimes illustrated as a Frenchie!  R.A. Neill who drew the pictures for the books “The Road to Oz”, and “The Emerald City”, pictured Toto as a French Bulldog.

2 - Longevity

The AKC lists that the French Bulldog breed has a lifespan of 11 to 13 years.

3 - Big Apple Takeover

French bulldogs are the most popular dogs in the city, according to new statistics released by the American Kennel Club.  

4 - French Bulldogs Aren't French - They're English

In the mid-1800s, British lace makers bred English Bulldogs with smaller terriers so that they could get smaller lap warmer pets while they worked. The Industrial Revolution forced many of them to cross over to France, and this meant that they were to go with their pet dogs. It is in their new home that the French Bulldog gained prominence.

5 - Pawpular

The French bulldog has bolted from 76th to 4th place in AKC rankings in just 20 years. It previously peaked at sixth in the 1910s and again in 2015-2016. 

Who knew Frenchies were so interesting?  😊

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